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On May 1st Steve went to the humane society to collect a new pair of foster cats, they said ‘we have a pair of orange brothers’ and Steve’s reaction was ‘Oh No, not orange kittens!’; I think he knew then that they would end up staying. They came in with no names and moved into the ‘foster room’. Every time we went in to see them they would instantly start singing just because you were in the room. Because of their vocal talents and crazy behaviour we called them Chaz and Dave. We debated the increase in family for quite some time, but in the end they had fitted in so well and got on with everyone else and we just couldn’t give them up.

Chaz liked to talk, if you spoke to him, he would answer; he would also stand in the kitchen and at volume demand treats for himself and everyone else. Otherwise he was a very quiet little cat who mostly liked to sleep in the sunshine; other than the mad time every day that he and Dave chased around the house. He loved cuddles and would sit with us most evenings and always came to bed, I think that was his favourite bit of the day. We lost him on December 28th 2007, it was very sudden, we had thought he had a cold over Christmas but then he seemed to be improving, then he was gone, it wasn’t a cold.

Chaz - Feline Infectious Peritonitis

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