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We weren’t sure if we were ready to adopt another dog but we felt that Winnie needed some company, then on we found a dog needing a foster family for a few months, perfect we thought. So we took Winnie to meet him and …. she hated him! But while we were at the shelter they mentioned that they had another dog that they were looking for a long term foster family for, and they brought Zeus out. Winnie fell in love; Zeus was more interested in chasing his ball and playing.

Zeus is about 9 years young; he had been with Friends of Abandoned pets for about 5 years. He had been adopted 3 times and returned through no fault of his own – in one case everything was perfect then the people adopted a new puppy and Zeus growled at him so they returned Zeus!

Zeus and Winnie are the best of friends and Zeus is even trying to teach Winnie how to behave better! FOAP have now allowed us to fully adopt Zeus. He is my perfect dog.

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