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Winnie is definitely a Daddy’s girl. She adores Steve, unfortunately not enough to make her behave well though. Our dogs have a fully fenced pen to allow them to run around outdoors without supervision or leashes, but she insists on digging under the fence and going exploring.

Last summer we went out the front door one morning to find Winnie out of her pen and a flip-flop lying in the drive! We were never able to identify who she stole the flip-flop from. If it is yours – we are sorry and we still have it!

Winnie was adopted in 2006 from K911; she had turned up one night, during a thunder storm, in a farmer’s bed. The problem being that the farmer had never met her before! She was taken to the shelter and no one claimed her, she had no collar or chip. We discovered that she is actually very frightened of thunder storms and will try and chew through doors. Although now she has Zeus she copes a lot better. But she now has a chip and a collar just in case.

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