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Noah, well what I could write about Noah. In fact when I was younger I used to write stories about Noah. Noah started off living with a friend of my Dad’s in her flat. Then disaster, the flats burnt down, it was the middle of winter and very cold. She searched for days and could not find Noah, fearing the worst she kept looking. Then one day there he was. The tips of his ears were frostbitten and the pads of his paws were burnt, but he was alive. Her new flat did not allow pets and so Noah went to live with my Dad. He was full of mischief. Dad used to leave the bread on the table before Noah moved in, he soon realised that it would have to be on top of the fridge as Noah used to sit in the middle of the bread – to stop it escaping – and then take chunks out of the end! Sadly we lost Noah this year (2005).