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Raising Orphan Kittens

Please bear with me, I plan to add a lot of useful information for other people who may find themselves raising kittens, and for myself for future reference, just in case!

You can read about our adventures raising the kittens in our blog in the posts tagged orphan kittens.




Monkey Puzzle

I love taking pictures and what better subjects ....

The table below shows how their weight progressed - it stops when they got too big to be put in our scales, and when they were visibly growing so well that it wasnt as important to have an exact weight.

14/8 18/8 21/8 24/8 29/8 30/8 1/9 4/9 7/9 11/9 16/9
Monkey Puzzle - Black 81/4oz 91/2oz 101/2oz 121/4oz 12oz 12oz 131/4oz 14oz 1lb 1lb 23/4oz
Hickory - Brown tabby 71/4oz 91/4oz 10oz 121/4oz 11oz 103/4oz 101/2oz 11oz 121/2oz 151/4oz
Rowan - Dark grey tabby 71/4oz 101/4oz 10oz 113/4oz 10oz 10oz 11oz 111/4oz 131/4oz 1lb 3/4oz
Ash - Light grey tabby 61/4oz 91/4oz 10oz 121/4oz 12oz 121/4oz 13oz 133/4oz 1lb 1oz 1lb 43/4oz
Little brown tabby having a bottle Little grey kitten having a bottle