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How To Make a Bed With Cats

I am sure you know how to change the sheets on a bed. A simple enough task you may think. Well when you factor in a cat, that simple task becomes one of monumental difficulty. To help you become proficient in this endeavor please follow these steps.

First look around to make sure that there are no cats in the room you are going to be working in. This is an extremely important step and failure to follow it will only increase the difficulty of the task.

Remove the bedding that is on the bed already and place it aside to take to the laundry room.

Remove the cat that has mysteriously showed up on the mattress, to another room.

Remove the next cat and place it in another room.

Close the door after you have removed the cat from the mattress again.

Place the bottom sheet on the bed.

Remove the cats, which pushed open the door, from between the mattress and the bottom sheet.

Tuck in the corners of the bottom sheet. Notice that there is a strange lump in the middle and remove the cat from under the sheet.

Place the cats in the bathroom and close the door so that it is completely shut and they cannot escape.

Fix the bottom sheet and place the top sheet on. Dig out the cat you missed and quickly throw it in the bathroom with the others making sure that none escape.

Ignore the howling and scratching at the door and tuck in the bottom corners of the top sheet.

Continue ignoring the clanging and clattering you hear coming from the bathroom, it is only the cats´ ploy to get you to open the door.

Lay the blanket out tucking in the bottom corners. Then finish off by placing the comforter on top.

Drag the sleeping cat out of the inside of the pillowcase. Now how did you miss that one?

Put the pillowcases on the pillow. Notice how quiet it has become in the bathroom and begin to wonder what is going on.

Finish putting the pillows on the bed and open the bathroom door.

Start putting the toilet paper back on to the roll that the cats batted off.

Put the shower curtains back up on the rod and attach the rod to the wall.

Decide next time to put the cats in the garage when you make the bed.

I did not write this, and I don't know who did. If you are, or know who the original author or copyright holder is please get in touch.