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This is by no means a definitive list of the vegetables that can be grown in a home garden; it takes a while to gather and add the information so I am starting with the vegetables that we have, or are, growing.

AsparagusPerenialHalf Hardy
Companion PlantingCompatible with tomatoes, parsley and basil.
ValuesHigh in potassium and folic acid, moderate source of beta carotene and vitamin E. Low in calories, contains no fat or cholesterol, and is very low in sodium.
Medicinal ValueAsparagus is used to treat rheumatism, gout and cystitis.
CautionThe berries are poisonous


May 2nd saw the first harvest of the year.


We ‘inherited’ a well established asparagus patch that is about 15ft by 9ft. This is more than enough asparagus to feed a small army. Asparagus is one of the earliest spring crops to emerge in a spring garden. It starts in early May and ends in late June, and in ideal conditions an asparagus spear can grow up to 10inches in a 24 hour period. During the season, as we discovered, asparagus must be harvested every day.

Asparagus is best eaten fresh, it makes good soup and can be frozen.

Beet / BeetrootAnnualHardy
BroccoliPerennial or AnnualHardy or half hardy
Brussel SproutsBiennial; grown as annualHardy
CabbageBiennial; grown as annualHalf hardy or hardy
CarrotsBiennial; grown as annualHardy or half hardy
CauliflowerAnnual or perennialHardy or half hardy
CeleriacBiennial; grown as annualHardy
CeleryBiennial; grown as annualHardy
CornAnnualHalf hardy
EggplantPerenial; grown as annualTender
GarlicPerenial; grown as annualHalf hardy
Globe ArtichokePerennialHalf hardy
KaleBiennial; grown as annualHardy
LeeksBiennial; grown as annualHardy
LettuceAnnualHalf hardy to hardy
OnionBiennial; grown as annualHalf hardy
ParsnipBiennial; grown as annualHardy
PeaAnnualHalf hardy
PeppersAnnuals or short-lived perennialsHalf hardy
PotatoPerennial; grown as annualHalf hardy
Pumpkin & SquashAnnualsTender
RadishAnnual or biennialHardy
RhubarbPerennialHalf hardy
Runner beansPerennial; grown as annualHalf hardy
RutabagaBiennial; grown as annualHardy
SoybeanAnnualHalf hardy
String BeansAnnualHalf hardy
Swiss ChardBiennial; grown as annualHardy
TomatoShort-lived perennialHalf hardy
TurnipBiennial; grown as annualHardy