Ruis Dair Homestead


This is by no means a definitive list of the fruit that can be grown in a home garden; it takes a while to gather and add the information so I am starting with the fruit that we have or are growing.

AppleTree: medium to long lifespanHardy; Deciduous
Companion PlantingApples are bad for potatoes, making them blight-prone; they are benefited by alliums, especially chives. Penstemons and Nasturtiums nearby are thought to prevent sawfly and woolly aphids. They are also benefited by Stinging nettles close by, which dried can also be used to help stored fruit keep.
ValuesVitamin C
BlackberriesBush/vine: medium to long lifespanDeciduous
BlueberriesBush: medium to long lifespanDeciduous
GrapesVine: long lifespanDeciduous
Ground CherriesAnnual or short-lived perennial
MelonsHerbaceous vine: annual
PearsTree: very long lifespanHardy; Deciduous
PlumsTree: long lifespanHardy; Deciduous
RaspberriesBush/vine: short lifespanDeciduous
RhubarbPerennialHalf hardy
Sour CherriesTree: long lifespanDeciduous
StrawberriesHerbaceous: short lifespan
Sweet CherriesTree: long lifespanDeciduous
WatermelonsHerbaceous vine: annual