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Postcrossing - Postcards Sent

Here are some of the photos I have turned into postcards so far.

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Making a Postcard

You need: photo paper, card, double sided sticky tape, paper cutting tool (scissors, trimmer), pen

I use Post-it photo paper (as I found it on special offer) and it is perfect for this, but any photo paper would do. The benefit of the Post-it paper is that it already has sticky strips on the back, although I use a little extra double sided tape anyway, just to be safe. I have a paper trimmer which is great because it makes for nice tidy straight lines, but you could just use scissors.

I make postcards in batches, requesting 4 addresses at a time; I read each person’s profile to see if they have any specific preferences. I then look through my photos to try and match a photo to each person. This isn’t always possible, sometime they even say they don’t want homemade cards, but I try my best.

Photoshop Elements has an option for printing 4 4x5 inch pictures on regular letter size (8.5x11in). You then trim each picture, peel off the backing, add a little extra double sided sticky tape, and stick the picture to a piece of pre-prepared card.

The pre-prepared card, is a piece of regular letter size card cut into quarters. Print/draw a dividing line down the middle and print/write the details of the photo in the bottom right-hand corner. One of the postcards I received had the words “Happy Postcrossing! ” repeated in small letters to make up the dividing line, I think this is a great idea and may ‘borrow’ it for future cards.

That’s it, you have a postcard that you can write on and send!