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Giant Puffball!

September 6th, 2010 by Heidi

Steve found what we are pretty certain is a giant puffball in one of our fields!


Perth Garlic Festival

September 3rd, 2010 by Heidi

A couple of weeks back was the Perth Garlic Festival, and we simply couldn’t resist!


To really appreciate the good times …

August 31st, 2010 by Heidi

There was a very different post intended for today, but things don’t always go the way we plan, and sometimes the world feels the need to make sure you can truly appreciate the good times.


A Taste of Manotick

August 20th, 2010 by Heidi

Tomorrow – Saturday 21st August – come and experience all “the flavours” Manotick has to offer.



August 6th, 2010 by Heidi

As you may have noticed I have somewhat lost my blogging spirit, and of late posts have been few and far between. I think the problem is that I started treating the blog, and feeling, as if it was work, rather than fun.


High Noon!

July 20th, 2010 by Heidi

Meet us at High Noon tomorrow at 2-5556 Manotick Main Street, when the doors of the Manotick Village Butcher open for the first time!


Calling Mulligans

July 17th, 2010 by Heidi

There was a term I heard from time to time on the golf course that I would like to apply to today – Mulligans – it is when everybody has a bad first shot and you all start again and pretend it didn’t happen!


Home-made liver treats

July 9th, 2010 by Heidi

There are some pretty cool perks to working for a butcher’s shop, one of them being the tasty things to eat we get to enjoy, and share. And right now Charlie thinks I have the best job in the whole world!


Grouse and berries

July 8th, 2010 by Heidi

Doesn’t that sound good! And the berries were, but the grouse was only to be captured with a camera. We both needed a break so decided to blow out the cobwebs with a nice bicycle ride around the block – the block is about 8 miles but is pretty much square and so I think counts as a ‘block’!


A chapter ends …

June 30th, 2010 by Heidi

It may seem crazy to have moved three times in the space of four years, but each move was a necessary step to lead us to where we are, and while I wish we hadn’t spent quite so much in Realtor fees, I cannot regret the outcome.


Shaken, not stirred!

June 23rd, 2010 by Heidi

I was sat at my desk this afternoon when the world began to shake and I could hear a low rumbling, I wasn’t sure what it was. I considered earthquake but I thought animals reacted to such events and the cats were still sleeping peacefully. Charlie was pacing, but then he sometimes does that.


Cuckoo’s nest road!

June 20th, 2010 by Heidi

It was quite the weekend and right now our house looks rather like a furniture shop exploded and was then attacked by a giant shedding ball of fur! But luckily for us we have friends. The weekend was supposed to be all about moving furniture, Steve hired a U-Haul truck, found some volunteers and set about moving all the remaining large things from old house to new.