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Seeing spots!

by Heidi on December 11th, 2010
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HarmonyMarsh DaVinci is an extremely handsome scurred spotted emsket fine-fleeced ram.

HarmonyMarsh DaVinci

He will be having a rendezvous with Bluff Country Zha Zha Mikaela, Hopeful Maria, WillowGarden Tabasco as they are also spotted and I would love to be seeing spots in the Spring!

WillowGarden Queen Latifa is included because I believe both he and she carry the modified colour gene and I am keen to ‘experiment’ with modified colours.

DaVinci's ewes

WillowGarden Donna Summer, WillowGarden Schnapps, Windy Grange Beulah, WillowGarden Peggy Lee and Windwater Melody are also in his group, in hopes of interesting spotted or modified results, but mostly in the hopes of fine, colourful fleeces.

And last but not least is Great plains Cherry, she is a katmoget and I would love a gulmoget/katmoget. I was concerned about breeding her this year, but Bill took a look at her for me and thinks she should be OK. We will be keeping a close eye on her just in case.

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