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Lino out, lino in!

by Heidi on November 4th, 2010
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Much work was needed throughout the house on the flooring as there was carpet everywhere, with the size of our furry family, carpet means that a number of our friends and family can’t visit. That and we would have to get a real vacuum cleaner and use it about every 5 minutes!

So within the first few weeks we ripped out every last shred of carpet, to discover old lino. Ugly old lino, but still better than carpet. Upstairs we were lucky, we discovered the original floorboards in reasonable condition, they have been painted, so they need to be stripped and refinished, but for now it is enough.

My office and Steve’s office are both in what appears to be an extension to the original 200 year-old log cabin, and needed something to replace the carpet and lino we removed, so I set about finding the most environmentally friendly option.

We didn’t want to go with reclaimed hardwood, partly because of price; and in Steve’s office because he has a fish tank it needs to be easy to clean. I wasn’t sure about cork or bamboo, but discovered that linoleum when made properly, not the synthetic version containing eco-unfriendly polyvinyl chloride (PVC), is actually a very environmentally friendly choice.

Charlie Chow on the new floor

When I learnt that Forbo’s Marmoleum is the top brand of linoleum and they are an environmentally responsible manufacturer as well, it was decision made!

It took some doing to find a supplier, most of the dealers listed on the Forbo website for our area never even bothered responding to my email, but the very nice people at Infinity Flooring did.

We were able to agree on one colour, and got the Click tiles. Steve was able to lay the floor in my office within two days. It wasn’t two whole days work, and that included moving all the furniture out and back in. One day I am sure he will find the time and energy to de-clutter his office enough to do his floor too!

Charlie and I are very pleased with it!

I am not / have not been paid or recompensed for this post in anyway, I am thrilled with my new floor and just wanted to share.

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