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King of the pups!

by Heidi on November 19th, 2010
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A week ago I found Cullen in with the puppies, I had left him in the field with the rest of the boys. I figured Steve must have moved him and just not said anything. But when he got home from work he was as surprised as I had been!

It seems that Cullen escaped alone from the boys field and got in to the electronet pen with the puppies.

RuisDair Cullen & Maremma puppy

Now our little ‘surprise’ ram lamb is in that pen as because of his size it is the only place we can contain him at the moment, and he has to be kept away from the girls. So maybe Cullen felt he needed some company! But he doesn’t pay him much attention.

RuisDair Cullen & Maremma puppies

But as he doesn’t seem to be able or interested in getting out again, it looks to me like he just wanted to be King!

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