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Great gulmogets!

by Heidi on November 8th, 2010
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WillowGarden Toronto is a very pretty scured moorit homozygous gulmoget.

WillowGarden Toronto

The gulmoget or mouflon pattern is my favourite, so because they are gulmoget too WillowGarden Fava, WillowGarden Smirnoff, RuisDair Aoife and WillowGarden Piper Laurie are in Toronto’s group.

The group also includes Windy Grange Blanca and Windy Grange Blanche as they have the dominant Awt or all white gene. This way if they pass on the Awt I will know that the lamb is carrying gulmoget.

Windwater Snapdragon, Windwater Peony, RuisDair Adia and RuisDair Tamasin finish off his group, the decision on these four was made for me by the pedigrees, as they have shared ancestors.

Shetland sheep

Before being introduced to Toronto each of the girls had a shot of a drug called Lutalyse. We don’t generally like to give our animals anything that isn’t absolutely necessary, but Bill suggested to us that we may have left our little ram lamb in for just a tad too long – even though he was only 11 weeks old when removed from the ewe flock! So we had to make a practical decision to allow us to have our ewes bred to the rams we bought in especially.

Having had the shot also means that they will cycle almost immediately so we can reduce the time they need to be with the ram. This helps as we don’t have room for more than one breeding group at a time, so will do a second group after Toronto’s duty is done.

We moved them all in together this morning, so can hope for lambs in April. I am not wishing time away I promise, but I am very excited for the Spring!

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  1. I will miss being “right around the corner” from the lambs this spring. Sounds exciting.


    Comment by Cheryl — November 8, 2010 @ 8:40 pm

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