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by Heidi on October 24th, 2010
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My friend Bill gets messages from the universe that he shares on his blog. Today I realized that I do too.

Yesterday I was feeling down and I got an email with 45 life lessons which were the pick me up I needed.

But for all that my mood was more accepting and positive, I was still feeling a little sad at the news that we are not now expecting company for Christmas. I miss my family something fierce, more than I anticipated when we emigrated.

This morning I put some music on while we worked and could suddenly picture my Mum dancing. So I emailed her, and suggested that maybe when the family was together for Sunday lunch we could ‘skype’. Well we did, and we got the web-cams working and I SAW my family for the first time in a year! We had a blast, I took them for a quick tour of the farm, we met the newest canine family member on that side of the ocean and they met ours. We couldn’t figure out why we hadn’t done it before!

It wasn’t the whole family, as my sister is currently in New Zealand for the rowing world championships, but even though she is literally a world away I can still chat with her too, and for free! This is an ad, but it is an honest one. If you have family far away, get skype, it is free and you can chat and video call for free, no catch. What more can you ask?

I have spent the rest of the afternoon busy with fibre arts and rock and roll. So much music makes me think of them and brings back such awesome memories. Isn’t it incredible how music can transport you.

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  1. Tanya and I were in your area today, but we got lost so were very late!! and we had 3 dogs in the car so didn’t stop in — hopefully next time! You have so many new additions I haven’t seen! You may not be an ocean away, but you sure aren’t around the corner anymore!

    Glad you got to “see” your family today.


    Comment by Cheryl — October 24, 2010 @ 9:01 pm

  2. We would have loved to have seen you guys. Hope you can pop out and visit soon.

    Comment by Heidi — October 25, 2010 @ 6:10 pm

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