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by Heidi on October 30th, 2010
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Here’s the sales list ….

RuisDair Chay RuisDair Chay
2010 Spotted katmoget
Sire: Willowgarden Garnish
Dam: Windwater Peony
RuisDair Cullen RuisDair Cullen
2010 Moorit gulmoget
Sire: Northwind Holiday
Dam: Willowgarden Queen Latifa
$300 No longer available
Windwater Snapdragon Windwater Snapdragon
2006 Fawn krunet, flecket, katmoget
Sire: Windwater Sean O’Sullivan
Dam: Willowgarden Sheila Jordan
WillowGarden Kitchener Willowgarden Kitchener
2010 Black katmoget
Sire: V Creek Leo
Dam: Willowgarden Gin

Yes, the list should be longer, but I just can’t bring myself to put anyone else on it right now! If there is something specific you are looking for pattern or colour wise ask, I may be able to help. Take 3 or more, or 1 or more and a puppy, for a 10% discount. I am open to trade.

Snapdragon and Kitchener could be bred to any of my rams. I don’t typically breed ewe lambs but I am not against it.

I love to know what you think so please rate my post or leave me a comment. If you really liked this post maybe you would consider sharing it. Thank you.

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