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The Small Sheep Shuffle

by Heidi on August 15th, 2010
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We have also been playing a part in a smaller sheep shuffle going on between the flocks of a few friends of ours.

Our friend Tammy lives all the way across Ontario near Sarnia, which is 7 hours drive away! She was heading further east on holiday, and as she was ‘passing’ us she brought the sheep with her that was sold to another friend of ours that lives over this way.

Another friend had sold a sheep to Tammy but was going to be on holiday herself so Chiara – the sheep – had a short holiday with us. Isn’t she beautiful, I would really like to have kept her, but Tammy was set on taking her home!

Shetland sheep

On her way home yesterday Tammy collected Chiara, and Brynn from us to deliver to her retirement home. Brynn is 8, we have had her for a couple of years and she has been exposed to a ram each year but has failed to breed. She is also very shy and as we are having a hard time keeping our flock within the ‘limit’, there really isn’t a place for her here.

After we agreed to the sale we noticed that Brynn was developing udders. We weren’t sure what to do. I asked Tammy, and she took a look at Brynn and thinks they are not ‘real’ bagging up udders, but rather a hormonal thing. The udders are golf ball sized and haven’t changed in a week. Apparently her grand-dam did the same thing in her later years.

As some of you already know, through facebook and/or twitter we added a couple of new sheep to our flock this week. I have taken their pictures and will tell you all about them very soon, but they really deserve a post all of their own!

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