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Life is Good!

by Heidi on June 9th, 2010
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Last weekend was our friend Bill’s annual “Willow Garden Shetlands – Sheep Shearing, Lamb Romp, Open House & 4 H Barbeque” and fortunately we were able to justify the day off to go and see how more experienced shepherds do it!

It was a beautiful day with very good results. We met up with friends there and have a tentative agreement for the sale of some of our ewe lambs. Steve paid lots of attention to practical things like fencing and chicken coops, while I admired Bill’s beautiful flock.

All three ewes I saw that I would very much like to buy, are on Bill’s keepers list! I must be learning which made me feel good, and Steve was grateful I didn’t buy any sheep, so we were both smiling!

Large black pigs

But we weren’t really there for the sheep! There were two main reasons for our expotition – Large Black pigs and Dexter cows! When we originally started looking at pigs we decided that we really liked the Large Black breed, but we started with a couple of regular ‘pink farm pigs’ just to see if we could stand living with them. While we still want to start a small herd of Large Blacks we are thinking about it being next year’s project.

This year we want to add Dexter cows! Hopefully Bill will be able to put us in touch with someone with some for sale!

Dexter cow

And of course as we were in the area we had to go for a little explore, with of course a visit to the County Cider Company and the Black River Cheese Company, we both came home with treats! A very good day! :)

The County Cider Company The edge of the world!

To quote Bill: “Life is Good!”

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1 Comment

  1. Life IS good Heidi! It was so good to see you both again. I have expanded my sale list … but not to include the mioget gulmoget yet … :-)

    Millie, one of my 5 year old Dexter bred cows may still be for sale as the potential buyer is only taking one cow and two heifers. Alternately, I may keep her as I can then start milking sooner … but then I’d only buy one of Ean’s Fall ’09 registerable heifers (leaving two for you guys – a red and a black). We’ll chat.

    Comment by Bill — June 9, 2010 @ 4:45 pm

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