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Perth Farmers’ Market

by Steve and Heidi on May 11th, 2010
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We were keen to check out the nearby Perth farmers’ market and it just so happened that it opened for the season on Saturday. We figured we deserved the morning off and rather needed some groceries.

Almost all local supper

We had high hopes for the market and they were definitely met, even though it was a pretty dreary, damp day and is only the beginning of the season there was a good selection.

I had been craving spinach, which I found, and then we turned a corner and found fiddleheads and ramps (aka wild leeks). I have read so many times about these seasonal delicacies but had not had a chance to try them.

We are pretty sure that we have some of the right type of fern in our woods, we just learnt about them too late to harvest this year. And we are on the lookout for ramps, but just in case we will also be planting some.

All local lunch

I will leave it to Steve to tell you all the cooking details, but suffice to say it was all delicious! :) Apologies for the quality of the pictures, but I was far more interested in eating it! ~ Heidi

My first experience with cooking ramps and fiddleheads turned out to be far simpler than expected. The first time; we had our lamb chops, with mashed potato, fiddleheads and spinach. I added the chopped ramps after the potatoes had been mashed and were ready to serve. Raw they just had that little extra taste to them. The fiddleheads were steamed for a few minutes then a little lemon juice and they were ready. the lamb chops were gently pan fried – ensuring they were still a little pink in the middle and the spinach wilted in a pan with some butter and black pepper.

Our lunch seems quite extravagant but really it was a cheese and spinach omelet made with our eggs, along with diced dry-fried potato, steamed fiddleheads and some small berry tomatoes sprinkled with a few spices (turmeric and seasoned salt) and a dash of lemon juice when cooked. ~ Steve

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  1. The simplest meals made with fresh ingredients are always the best!

    Comment by Chriss — May 12, 2010 @ 7:01 am

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