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by Heidi on April 5th, 2010
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Today I updated our population statistics page for last month, in part because it is easier to manage if I update it at the beginning of every month, and partly as a review of our numbers in anticipation of moving.

It was certainly an interesting month in the ‘may you live in interesting times’ kind of way.

March was a busy month. Two of the foster cats, the remaining two kittens that had been found under a tree, went to a new home as did one of the foster dogs and one of the livestock guardian dogs. One Chantecler chicken was found with a broken neck and so was dispatched. Three Muscovy ducks were sold. We lost two sheep and sold four. Lambing began with the birth of two sets of twins, sadly one set were lost, followed by the birth of a single lamb.

April began with the remaining foster dog moving on to a new home.

Coturnix quail
It helps to be back to only having our dogs at home and we won’t be taking in any more fosters until we are settled in the new place, and back to only one mortgage. I am worried about the foster cats we still have here and whether we will find places for them as there isn’t room at the new place to take them with us.

As for the livestock we have decided that we need to stop raising quail for the time being as there isn’t anywhere to keep them at the new place, so they are for sale, but will otherwise go in the freezer. As we sold three of our Muscovy females to get our numbers down we are also looking to sell one of the all-white drakes, otherwise he will be joining the quail.

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