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While watching the Olympics …

by Heidi on February 14th, 2010
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I thought I should distract myself from the Olympic coverage to post an update. It has been quite a week with kittens, coffee, court, doctors, barrels, ice carving, snow sculptures, an owl, Olympics & Olympic knitting! Some of them will require a post all of their own, which will be coming up in the next week, but for now here is a quick taster.

Getting Lynn back to the barn wasn’t the only drama on Monday morning. We also discovered that Stella, one of the cats we are offering a temporary home to, had kittens! We didn’t know she was pregnant! We had a worrying first few days with them, and sadly lost one, but the remaining two seem to be doing well now. Stella & kittens

I have been rather under the weather feeling really exhausted and run down. There had been a suggestion that perhaps my thyroid could be responsible. I had an appointment with my doctor, and she feels the problem is depression and is keen for me to take anti-depressants. I am loathe to do that, so she suggested therapy, we will see if that is covered on the health insurance.

Thursday was our first attendance at court in the issue of our ‘trespassing ducks’. We have been given all of the notes from bylaw and the witness statement our neighbour gave. As the lady walked into the room we heard her commenting to someone “Oh, this is a funny one!”. Having seen how many complaints our neighbour made we can see why they are frustrated, but we still don’t understand why they never discussed it directly with us, although their statement says they did.

The main problem is that bylaw never advised us there was an issue until the visit in November, and then one officer told us we had a couple of weeks to resolve the situation and another came and issued the fine. The lady we discussed it with was very nice and will be following up with the bylaw officers. We will need to go back in March.

We finally got our day off! Yesterday we went to Winterlude, the ice carvings and snow sculptures were really impressive, but there were just so many people.

The highlight of the day was actually on the way, not 5 minutes from home ….

Barred Owl

Little Lynn is doing much better, although she is still in the special care ward aka the garage. Her companion Olivia is still very weak, but is hanging in there.

After such a very busy, tiring week we are going to curl up and enjoy a quiet evening watching the Olympic coverage. Go Canada!

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    Comment by Lala — February 15, 2010 @ 7:51 am

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