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Winter Wonderland

by Heidi on January 14th, 2010
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This weeks You Capture is ‘Your Winter’. We have been under a blanket of snow for a while now, and aren’t expecting to see the grass for a good while yet.

I love the snow, although this year it has been rather tinged with sadness as I really miss my Zeus, he did love playing fetch in the snow. But I have my Charlie Chow and he loves the snow too!

Winnie on the other hand isn’t so sure, it gets stuck in her paws and she really doesn’t see where the fun is!

When it is freezing rain instead of snow I have to agree with her, and we hide indoors and dream of blue skies.

And as soon as the sun comes out, we go out to play!

How’s the winter where you are?

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  1. I just posted about what winter looks like on my blog; I think you’ll find it very different than yours!

    Comment by Michelle — January 14, 2010 @ 3:12 pm

  2. Great shots…that’s a great icicle! :)

    Comment by Austin — January 14, 2010 @ 5:04 pm

  3. Our dogs are the same way, two of them can’t get enough and the other one is like me and prefers it to be 75 and sunny. Great shots!!

    Comment by Melissa — January 14, 2010 @ 5:26 pm

  4. I rarely saw an ice storm when we lived right outside of Washington, DC but they were beautiful when we got them! That was my favorite shot on your post!

    Comment by thefarmerfiles — January 14, 2010 @ 6:28 pm

  5. I love those enormous icicles! Winter looks very chilly, that’s for sure!

    Comment by Lolli — January 15, 2010 @ 11:48 am

  6. Thanks for sharing all the winter pictures-I hae had a hard time remembering that it can be fun too! :)

    Comment by Theresa — January 15, 2010 @ 12:06 pm

  7. What great pictures of your winter wonderland! Thankfully we haven’t had snow for a couple of weeks! I am ready for Spring : )

    Comment by Life with Kaishon — January 15, 2010 @ 12:45 pm

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