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A wild pig chase!

by Steve on July 16th, 2009
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This was one of those times when you really wish there had been a camera to hand. Although even if Heidi had had a camera in her hands I think that she was laughing too hard to have been able to focus!

The day had come where we were ready to release Sausage, Bacon and Beans to their outdoor accommodation. With Mike’s help I had setup the electric fencing around their new space. I just had to get the power over the field to the fencing and everything was ready. I even tested the fencing – ouch! Rather than carrying everyone over at the same time we thought it better to move one at a time. Beans was the piglet of choice.

What happened next was…..well you be the judge. I put Beans in the carrier and carried her to the new pen. We made sure the fence was on and then released Beans from the crate. She bolted out of the crate and raced around the pen. She headed for the corner by the barn under the electric wire, through the fence and off into the sheep fields! I leaped over the electronet and clambered over the gate. Beans was running free, really not sure where she was going – but none the less quite scared. Having cleared the gate I headed for the lower field and then the other fence – we didn’t want her breaking out of the property. Meanwhile all of the sheep had taken to (and I’m not sure which) either following or chasing Beans, as Heidi stood laughing at all of us.

Having diverted Beans back into a closer field I then thought it a good idea to try and catch her; something that I really should have thought about first. But, with Beans on the loose stopping and thinking logically were out. In came panic and action. What’s a good way to catch a speedy piglet on the loose, being pursued by a flock of sheep? Chase it into an enclosed space? No. What you do is chase the piglet around the field a bit then when your tiring you attempt to rugby tackle the piglet! The sight of her husband trying to rugby tackle a piglet (and missing) was too much for Heidi who was laughing hysterically. I’m not sure if it was the missed rugby tackle, the pig running free, the sheep chasing the pig or all three.

Eventually, Heidi managed to gather herself long enough to herd Beans into the barn. At this time the barn still had a couple of sheep in and they really did not appreciate Beans running around, and they kept head-butting her off her feet until Heidi managed to get her safely back into the pen with Sausage and Bacon, just as I made it back to the barn.

And repeat! I rearranged the fence and took Beans for a second try. She promptly ran at and through the exact same spot! Fortunately this time she went almost straight into the barn so Heidi was quickly able to get her safely contained.

And repeat! Fence rearranged again, but this time we took the large dog pen and moved them all at the same time. They spent the first day within the pen within the fenced area to get used to it. the next day we let them out of the pen to explore. They touched the electronet a couple of times and got a shock and backed away. Touch wood, so far this arrangement of the fencing has them content and more importantly contained! Also it is very conveniently close to the vegetable garden so they have been getting plenty of extra greens in the form of all the weeds Heidi has pulled up!

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(1 votes, average: 5.00 out of 5)
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  1. HIlarious!!!! Great job guys!! :)

    Comment by Lindsay — July 17, 2009 @ 5:23 am

  2. Gotta love pigs! Remind me to tell you my Poppa’s pig joke!

    Comment by Emily — July 17, 2009 @ 9:42 am

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