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Take the good with the bad

by Heidi on June 6th, 2009
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Apologies to those who look for updates on the farm, it isn’t that there hasn’t been anything happening here just that my heart was too sore to be writing.

At the end of last week I told you about our duckling drama with the first of our Muscovy’s to hatch eggs, by Sunday both little ducklings had disappeared without a trace.

Last weekend wasn’t all sadness and loss, on Saturday we went to the wedding of some very good friends which was really lovely and a nice break; I even wore a skirt, painted my nails and drank beer out of a glass! It did make us realize quite how much we miss the family in England and we are now trying to figure out if there is any way we can go back for my brothers wedding in September.

The weekend was also the first Rowing World Cup of the year, my little sister Andrea was there representing Great Britain in the women’s lightweight double sculls. As always we were up early to watch her races, and were very excited to be able to watch the final (rather than just listen to commentary) through the wonders of the internet. They finished in fourth place. We are looking forward to the next competition toward the end of the month in Germany.

Sunday saw the hatching of our second Muscovy’s eggs, again it was quite a poor hatch rate – she had at least a dozen eggs and only four hatched, but we were very happy to welcome the new ducklings. Worried that we would lose them (we are concerned that Willow had something to do with the disappearance of the first two) we moved mum and babies to the ‘nursery’.

Muscovy duck & ducklings

Two of the ducklings are all yellow, the other two have different patterns of brown and yellow.

Muscovy duckling

Muscovy duckling

Sunday also saw the hatching of three little Chantecler chicks that our bantam hen incubated for us.

Bantam hen with Chantecler chicks

Again not a spectacular hatch rate, she also had about a dozen eggs. But we are very pleased at any increase in our Chantecler population.

We have another three Muscovy ducks sitting on eggs, two bantam hens on Chantecler eggs and at least one, hopefully two Chanteclers on eggs. We didn’t plan on ‘letting’ the Chantecler’s go broody as we would rather not have the decrease in egg production, but they were so determined that we gave in, and this evening moved them out of the general population and onto nests.

Our lambs and our little gosling are all doing well and growing fast, I will post a proper update on them soon.

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  1. Glad to hear the update! The new additions are very sweet!

    Comment by Emily — June 7, 2009 @ 8:19 pm

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