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Fluff ‘n’ feathers

by Heidi on June 15th, 2009
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Friday afternoon I started hearing peeping from the next bantam hen sitting on a nest. By the time Steve got home we had one fluffy little chick and one who was getting close to dried off and fluffy. By Saturday we had three lovely little chicks.

Bantam hen with day old Chantecler chicks

Sunday she was off the eggs so we figured that was it. Then Steve spotted a beak sticking out a hole in one of the remaining eggs. We kept checking but he was making no progress, we thought he was gone but then we saw his beak move. Now you are not supposed to interfere, they are supposed to break out on their own. But Steve felt ‘he’ deserved a chance, and so made the hole a little bigger.

By the end of the afternoon Steve had helped him out of his shell, but ‘mum’ was not keeping him warm and we were worried he would die anyway. So we moved him under the heat lamp in with the baby quail. We had him in a separate tray so as to keep them from pecking at him.

Chantecler chick

We spent the afternoon worrying about him, and checking on him. Once warm he seemed to be picking up. By the evening he was mostly dry and fluffy and on his feet. But we felt he would be safer spending the night under the lamp where we could be sure he would be warm.

Bantam hen with day old Chantecler chick

This morning we returned him to mum, and then waited and watched until with a lot of shouting he found himself a nice warm spot under mum’s wing. He has made it through the day and has been accepted back into the family by mum and his three siblings.

The other little family of three chicks are doing well, they are two weeks old now and starting to get feathers.

Bantam hen with 3 two-week old Chantecler chicks

Hatch count so far: 1 gosling, 4 Muscovy ducklings, 7 Chantecler chicks; and of course we cant forget the 21 aquired quail chicks.

Five day old Coturnix quail chicks

Unfortunately one of them died on the weekend – we aren’t sure why, everyone else is fine, active and eating well. They are a week old now and they are getting feathers already.

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(1 votes, average: 5.00 out of 5)
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1 Comment

  1. I can’t wait to see these little guys!

    Comment by Emily — June 15, 2009 @ 10:29 pm

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