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It’s Raining Cats

by Heidi on March 22nd, 2009
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There has been a lot going on with the felines around here, and as I started writing this I realised that I hadn’t kept you posted on our barn cat visitors, so I should probably start there, before I introduce the new arrivals!

Over the last week we have really been through it with Willomena, on Monday she went to the vet for surgery on a hernia on her flank, Tuesday afternoon she still hadn’t had the surgery and we were being told she was FIV positive (the feline equivalent of HIV). Wednesday we were told it was likely active AIDS and she wasn’t eating and likely wouldn’t survive the surgery, and that they felt she should be euthanised.

We had become very fond of the little girl and were very upset. We had a number of conversations with the Louise at Cat Rescue Network about what would be the best thing for her. We really couldn’t believe that she had no chance when she had seemed so healthy just days before. We all decided that a second opinion would be the best way forward, just to be certain we were making the right decision.

The second opinion felt that the surgery was possible and that ‘Mena had a chance of a meaningful recovery. They also discovered that given some fuss and attention ‘Mena would eat. Thursday she had the surgery and Friday we were finally able to bring her home!


She has quite a scar and the recovery will be slow. She needs to be kept quiet for 30 days, so she is in a dog crate in my office – or as she calls it Jail! I suppose it could be seen as a jail cell, it is a small space where she has a bed and a toilet! She is eating, although sometimes it takes some coaxing and extra treats. She doesn’t understand why I can’t spend all day being her cushion and why she isn’t allowed to just eat treats!

Of the other barn cats, Sammy is still on antibiotics, but they really seem to be helping, his appetite is really picking up and he gets more and more chatty by the day. Willow is improving, but a little more slowly. She finished her course of antibiotics but is still fighting off the last of the bug. We have had to work a little to make sure she is eating enough, but have discovered that Cat milk helps! Charlie the big tom is still not accepting us as worth talking to.

Our other residents Alfie and Chappie we took to Critter Jungle today, to spend sometime showing the world how adorable they are and hopefully winning themselves a new home.

Chappie Alfie

On the way back we collected two 3-day old kittens, their mum had them and their 3 siblings late last week but has no milk so they need to be bottle raised – which will be feedings every two hours for the next week or so.

3 day old Kitten 3 day old Kitten

So two cats on meds, two cats needing encouragement to eat, two kittens to feed every two hours, two walks with four dogs a day and Willow’s Paws & Claws Inaugural event happening on Saturday! It is going to be a VERY busy week – please wish me luck (best extend that to Steve as well, as me sleep deprived may not be the easiest to live with)!

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  1. Good luck! you guys are amazing!!

    Comment by Emily — March 22, 2009 @ 9:10 pm

  2. Same sentiments as Emily… GOOD LUCK!!! and sweet dreams when you have a chance :)

    Comment by Lindsay — March 23, 2009 @ 7:01 am

  3. Squish a kitty for me! They’re SO CUTE! Good luck, and have fun with them all. :) Mena looks fantastic for all she’s been through.

    Comment by Kim — March 23, 2009 @ 10:15 am

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