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Happy New Year

by Heidi on January 2nd, 2009
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First things first, we would like to wish everyone a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!

2008 was quite a year – well for us anyway! It probably ranks as the most life changing year, alongside 2006 when we emigrated! We started 2008 grieving and hoping for better things in the new year. The end of 2007 had seen the loss of my Grandpa, my job and in the very last days of the year, the very sudden loss of our kitten Chaz. I don’t think we could ever have imagined how much 2008 had in store for us!

The first couple of months saw our basement flooded and repaired, the sale of our house, the purchase of our perfect home, and us moving – again! I know we swore when we emigrated that we would never move again, but Conley road just didn’t fit us. I would never say never, but I can not imagine anything moving us from this place – especially now.

The new house brought new challenges and saw us rapidly trying to learn about vegetable gardening. We were unprepared and disorganized, but managed to get the garden in some sort of order providing a reasonable harvest, and a lot of education! We planted about 22 different types of vegetable, with wildly varying results and 3 new fruit trees – an apple, a pear and a cherry.

Today I have updated the population statistics page of the website, which really illustrates some of the huge changes that happened in our lives over the course of 2008. We started with our ‘population’ totalling 16 – the 2 of us, 12 cats and 2 dogs. By the end of the year we had added a small flock of sheep, chickens, ducks and geese! A ‘permanent’ population of 78! We became Hobby Farmers!

Having been restructured out of my job at the end of 2007 I was at something of a loose end; we looked at all the options and decided that I wouldn’t look for a new office job. Instead I would take care of the farm and do some freelance web development on the side.

It was a quality of life decision and I don’t regret it, but some days it is harder to live with than others. For the day to day I love the life I have now, and the improvement in my health has incalculable value – but there always has to be a sacrifice doesn’t there. And this year I felt it, when I had to tell my little sister that we would not be able to fly to England to be at her wedding; and knowing that we would likely be missing my brothers wedding in 2009 as well.

Whether it was that we haven’t seen our family since 2007, or because we know us visiting them is pretty much out of the question now, or because of the sadness from missing weddings. But this year we both found Christmas very hard. We were lucky enough to be invited to have Christmas dinner with my aunt and cousins, who we love, and which was lovely. But it is so very different from what we were both used to. I would have given just about anything for one of my dads bear hugs, or my mums cooking. I know we really can’t complain though, as they are all happy and healthy, as are we, and that is more than a lot of people have.

We decided on a quiet new years eve and curled up on the sofa in front of the fire, planning 2009! New years day we were invited to join our friends at an RCMP Levee; it was a really nice afternoon with very good food and bag pipes! Just before we left there were 12 pipers playing together, which was really very impressive. We are hoping that we can carry on the year as it began, trying something new, with good friends and good food, and we were on time!

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