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Blue Eggs!

by Heidi on January 28th, 2009
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You may have read that back on the 15th we did some re-arranging of the fowl that are currently living in the house. The chicks and quail got new bigger digs upstairs, safely shut in the pens in the spare bedroom, leaving our little bantam with the whole dog crate to herself.

We had provided her with some golf balls which we had read could be used as substitute eggs, and kept her crate downstairs in the quiet of my office in the hopes that she would forget all about the chicks and get all broody again. I had been trying, and failing, to find information on how long it takes a hen to get broody again after raising chicks, so we had decided to take the try it and see approach.

We had a friend visit who commented that she obviously knew they were golf balls, and why not give her some real eggs. I also wondered if the 5 ‘eggs’ I had given her maybe wasn’t enough. So we gave her 8 eggs. All she did was kick them around and then ignore them.

Yesterday – 12 days after the removal of her chicks, she laid an egg and today laid another. They are small and pale blue. I moved the little ‘nest’ box with the other eggs into the corner she had laid hers, and right now she is in the box and covering a couple of the eggs. I don’t think she is broody yet, but it is progress.

While I am writing about my little bantam I thought it only right to update you on the chicks as well. Plus it gives me an excuse to add pictures!

Bantam chicks feeding timeBantam chick with crossed bill
Little beaten up bantam roosterCutornix Quail

They are for the most part doing well. The change of scenery didn’t seem to resolve the fighting problem, but it seemed to be just the smallest of the 3 roosters being picked on by everyone else. He would jump out of the pen every chance he got, trying to get away from the bullies. He started getting quite battered and was losing feathers, so he is temporarily bunking in with the quail, where he seems much happier. We also have one little chick with a crossed bill. It doesn’t seem to bother her, but it isn’t a good thing so she will not become a long term member of our flock.

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  1. so cool! I love the quail!! they are too cute!
    good luck with the eggs!! yea!

    Comment by Emily — January 29, 2009 @ 10:36 pm

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