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A quail in the hand ….

by Heidi on January 12th, 2009
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We had quite a busy Sunday, we began the research for what will hopefully be our next big exciting venture on the homestead, with a visit to another farm and a long chat with some very nice and helpful people! We also may, we hope, have found a new ‘partner’ for another smaller, but no less exciting venture. I am afraid though that in the interests of not ‘jinxing’ anything – thats all I am prepared to say! You will just have to keep checking in to see what we are up to!

A new more immediate project started with a trade with a friend of ours – he was looking to expand his chicken ‘enterprise’ and so was after some eggs; he has been raising Coturnix Quail and happened to have a pair that he was willing to trade.

Male Coturnix Quail
Pair of Coturnix Quail Pair of Coturnix Quail

Just to balance things out with a little doggy goodness, we collected 2 new foster pups. Magnolia and Mary Jane. Again these are being fostered through Bullies in Need. Maggie is just passing through – she is going to be fostered by some friends of ours – she is a shep mix about a year old. She is a little shy, but soon warms up to you. She loves to play, and has been great with MJ, and our residents, Zeus and Winnie.

Magnolia Magnolia

Mary Jane is another shep mix, but she is just a little girl. She is 3 months old and full of beans! She will be hanging around here waiting for her forever family to step up. Which is a good thing because getting her to stay still enough to take a picture is very tricky!

Mary Jane Mary Jane

Finally the weekend was made complete by sightings of Aspen. It seems that he has returned to the area he was frequenting before and has been sleeping in a barn. The farmer was quite impressed that he is guarding the cows and asked if we wanted him back! He is putting out food for him and hopefully the dog catcher will be able to get a trap set up, and maybe, just maybe ……

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1 Comment

  1. That all sounds great – especially about the quails! Very cool!
    I’m glad to hear that Aspen has been spotted – I hope he comes home soon!

    Comment by Emily — January 14, 2009 @ 8:50 am

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