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Suspecting fowl play!

by Heidi on November 5th, 2008
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The weekend saw some changes and some upsets in the waterfowl population. With the addition of the new ducks and the geese we were having more bickering than we liked in the barn at night and were concerned about over crowding.

Saturday with the help of Emily and Mike we moved the hay to the loft of the old barn so it could be the new home for the geese. Now at night we entice / herd them into the old barn and the ducks and chickens get the stalls in the barn to themselves. Which does seem to have calmed things down quite a bit.

Bullied Muscovy Duck

When we started moving hay one of the new ducks was having some trouble with the rest of the ducks,  being chased and having her tail feathers snapped at. By the time we finished she was bleeding and had lost quite a lot of feathers. She was in an alarming state.

So the four of us set about catching her, while two of the other ducks also tried to catch her to have some more feathers. We got her safely crated with some feed and water and left her in the quiet of the garage. She has spent the last few days there, and seems to be doing well.

Sunday we got back late and it was already getting dark. Two of the ducks didnt want to go into the new barn like normal and led us a merry dance around the bushes. Tired from the day and worried about taking care of the dogs, we gave in and herded them into the new barn with the geese. In the morning Steve found that they had let themselves out of the barn, but he thought he saw them both.

About lunchtime when walking in the field I found a patch of feathers, so I went to count ducks and realised we were missing one. There was no blood or anything with the feathers I found, but there was also no other sign of the missing duck, and still hasn’t been.

To finish this on a brighter note, yesterday saw the delivery of a brilliant present for our ducks and geese. While you can keep ducks and geese without a pond they really love to play in water, so we had gotten them a little kids paddling pool. We decided to get them another larger pool, for even more fun!

Geese in the new paddling pool Geese in the new paddling pool

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  1. That’s not good. If it was just a pile of feathers leftover, it could very well have been a coyote that took the duck. Like dogs, they will kill and carry away. Or so I am being told.

    Have you thought about putting out traps?

    Comment by Tom — November 6, 2008 @ 10:35 am

  2. Hi! Shame about the missing duck!
    Is there anyway you can contain them in the barn? Mike and I have an older open top crate that we used to use for Lily in the kitchen (I think it’s about 4X4 feet approximately)- we have no use for it now so you are free to have it if you can use it? Let me know and maybe L and I can bring it tomorrow.

    Comment by Emily — November 7, 2008 @ 2:40 pm

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