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by Heidi on October 1st, 2008
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Seriously, how is it October? I really dont know what has happened to this year, five minutes ago we were moving into our new house! If anyone can tell me what happened to the summer I would be very grateful! Although I am not sure it was much of a summer here or in the UK from the sounds of things.

The point of today’s post is really just updates.

We spoke to the girl in the store about the chickens sneezing and she said she has had the same, its not really anything to worry about, its just the dust from the food. Some other types/brands of feed might be less crumbly (and so dusty) but wouldnt be as good for the ducks. Also the brand we are using is very good quality and natural so we dont really want to change. She did suggest adding a little water, which we havnt tried or mixing the feed with scratch, which we are doing and it seems to be helping.

Our bigger problem with the chicken feed is making it possible for them to have all day access to their feeders while keeping it safe from the sheep! This is proving tricky. At the moment the feeder gets moved to just outside the field during the day as the chickens and ducks can easily get through the fence and the sheep [touch wood] can’t. Some of the chickens dont like wandering that far though, especially since it has started getting chillier.

We are still having problems with sheep getting wrapped up in the electronet fencing and are going to plug it back in, once it has a charge running through it they will soon learn to respect it again!

The kittens are doing well and growing so fast. At all times of day and night you can hear them tearing around the spare room. Oliver comes in with me to visit them sometimes. He is very gentle with them, although sometimes they need a warning, so he taps them gently on the head!

Zeus and Winnie are still having their evening bike rides and this better quality of excercise is really starting to show. Zeus is looking much more lively and both of them are rapidly increasing how far and fast they can run. As it starts to get towards Steve’s home time in the evening, Winnie start getting very excited and dancing around the room whenever I walk through!

Willow may be in heat, we arent 100% sure as we have little experience and with her living in the barn and outdoors it is hard to spot the signs. It seems we got the fencing done just in time as she can not get through the new fence.

I think thats all the updates for now. Feel free to prod me if I missed something! :)

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