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Welcome to our website, I am Heidi and I am a web developer, my husband is Steve and he does technical support for me and for Cognos! We live Ontario, Canada, having emigrated from England.

We love animals; especially cats, dogs aren’t bad either! We have an 8 acre homestead or hobby farm, with all sorts of livestock and a large vegetable garden. I love books (well reading generally), photography, walking in the country side, bird watching, scrapbooking, genealogy, the list goes on. Steve keeps a saltwater reef aquarium and is an avid golfer! This site is about all these things and anything else that happens to catch my attention or entertains me.

I – we – hope you enjoy.

"The human spirit needs places where nature has not been rearranged by the hand of man." ~ Unknown

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  • Seeing spots! ~ HarmonyMarsh DaVinci is an extremely handsome scurred spotted emsket fine-fleeced ram. He will be having a rendezvous with Bluff Country Zha Zha Mikaela, Hopeful Maria, WillowGarden Tabasco as they are also spotted and I would love to be seeing spots in the Spring! WillowGarden Queen Latifa is included because I believe both he and she [...] Posted on Saturday, 11 December 2010, 15:10 by Heidi
  • People & places ~ I have been rather absent haven’t I! Sorry about that. My mother always said if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all, and I haven’t been in a terribly positive place of late, which makes writing hard, and writing something that isn’t all doom and gloom near impossible. But that is not [...] Posted on Sunday, 05 December 2010, 17:01 by Heidi
  • Large Black Pigs ~ As ever we have been expanding our numbers here on the farm, to that end we have returned to the world of the pig. We would like to introduce our latest arrivals. As yet they have not been named, they are 2 females and will reside here; hopefully for a long time. Being large blacks [...] Posted on Tuesday, 30 November 2010, 18:00 by Steve

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Calendar We have a Calendar, alongside interesting events it also details the phases of the moon. I am currently working on adding all English and Canadian events, please feel free to help me out by suggesting events or information that you think the calendar should contain.

Do Some Good Here is my do some good page; it is a collection (small at the moment) of sites that let you do some good for no, or very little, expenditure of your time or money. If you have any suggestions of other sites you think should / could be included, please let me know.

Contact Us Do you love our site, or hate it? We really hope you don't hate it! Do you think it needs something else, different, other? We really want to know what you think, so why not get in touch or post on our guestbook and let us know!

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